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Economy 7 Times Question: Does anyone know the economy 7 times for British Gas.

January 10, 2010 by  
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Hi everyone, does anyone know the economy 7 times under British Gas, I have dual fuel? Thanks in advance, this heating is costing a fortune and I am looking to find the cheapest times for my heaters / storage heaters.

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  • Simon

    Some storage heaters are automatic now, so you can set and forget. The older ones are harder to manage and cost more too so an ugrade is often worth it.

  • JonMyerCat

    Good tips there, I spent a fortune last year on electricity bills, thanks for that!

  • Mark

    Thanks that makes perfect sense. I was told the other day to run my heating to economy 7 times to make it is as cheap as possible. Certainly something easy to do bt also easy to overlook

  • energyxplorer

    12midnight till 7 am and that applies to all energy suppliers.

    It does only apply to electricity however. Here are some simple tips for you and your night storage heater

    Make sure your storage heater is set to HIGH INPUT at night with a LOW OUTPUT. That way it will heat up over night and release very little heat.

    In the morning when you wake up set it to LOW INPUT and HIGH OUTPUT (set the output to how ever much is needed to warm the room). That way you are not heating up the storage heater when it is its most expensive and also letting the heat out during the day as and when you want it.

    Hope that helps!

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