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Open Question: How often should you have your gas boiler inspected?

January 9, 2010 by  
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what are the signs of an aging hot water boiler you find in any household kitchen & how often should it be inspected by British gas for example ?

How long do they normally last for before needing replacing or parts need replacing ? I am in

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  • NigelTowncock76

    Wear and tear on your gas boiler can vary. Please give your make and model as well as age, no. of radiators, efficiency of home.

  • JamesS76

    Advice is to care for your gas boiler in the sumer months, if there is serious work needed you are best to do it when you are already room. Ideally get it inspected at the start of the summer giving you time to save and get the job done without spending days (if any serious) in the cold!

  • Handyman bob

    What type of boiler is it? most boilers can play up a little, is it old? how old?

  • Gabriel

    I read a boiler would last an average of around 10 years. After that it should be replaced even if its working still to make it more energy efficient. There are many gas boiler scrappage scheme s on at the moment too so take advantage of that.

  • energyxplorer

    There are allot of factors on this subject depending on the make and model can you provide more details on your boiler?

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