Wednesday, September 20, 2017

British Gas Online Energy

British Gas Online Energy is the cheapest available online tariff . This tariff is for customers who want to manage their energy account online and get a discount against our standard tariff. You can also add EnergySmart for free which allows you to see the energy you use with a free electricity monitor and an […]

British Gas Business – The Best Gas And Electricity Price For Your Business

British Gas Business – The Best Gas And Electricity Price For Your Business. If your just moving your business to a new premises or simply looking to cut costs to increase profits then the British Gas Business rates are a great solution for you. Take assurance in a name you can trust so you can  relax and focus on […]

Online Energy Saver 8 from Scottish Power

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With a minimum of 3% discount on their standard monthly Direct Debit prices until the end of the year and no more paper bills, you can do your bit to save the environment as well as save money. Not only that, they will email you when it’s time to read your bills which means no […]

Meet Online Energy Saver 5 | Scottish Power Combined Gas and Electricity

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Scottish Power claim to be able to save you money on your gas and electricity supply. So if they make good on that claim then taking their cheapest dual fuel tariff would save you money twice over! Dual Fuel customers benefit from: • One combined bill, one payment and a single point of contact • One combined […]

British Gas Energy Smart

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British Gas Energy Smart is a new idea in home energy supply. By managing your energy usage online you can see how much you’re using and paying for each month. The idea is that your dual fuel bill is predictable and it helps you cut back and save money. But that’s by no means the […]